UriSed 3 PRO is a professional automated urine sediment analyzer with a revolutionary new optical system combining bright-field and phase contrast microscopy. It offers a uniquely advanced method of visualization and recognition of formed elements in urine samples. By automating the traditional gold standard method of sediment analysis it increases reliability, improves work-flow and decreases turnaround time.

This instrument belongs to the Facelift generation of the UriSed technology. Its operation is based on the same patented measurement technique, which is actually the automation of traditional manual microscopy. Working without any special liquid reagents UriSed 3 PRO performs sample preparation, takes multiple images of each sample through a built-in microscope, and evaluates the images using the Auto Image Evaluation Module (AIEM), a high-quality image processing software.

The UriSed 3 PRO microscopic urine sediment analyzer is a stand-alone instrument, which can be connected to the LabUMat 2 urine analyzer. Together, the two instruments make a Complete Urine Laboratory System.



- Fully automated measurement process; 130 tests/hour throughput

- Revolutionary particle visualization and recognition utilizing both bright-field and phase contrast microscopy

- Zoomable HPF-like images

- Manual microscopy mode: Real-time view of any viewfield of the cuvette to see moving microorganisms as well

- Dual-view for both bright-field and phase contrast images

- Fully automated sample preparation requiring only low sample volume

- Automated QC analysis and maintenance procedures

- No need for liquid reagents or calibrators

- UriSed 3 PRO and LabUMat 2 together make a Complete Urine Laboratory System

- Integration to laboratory or hospital information systems