AutoSense Test Strips

AutoSense Test Strips

The AutoSense Test  provides an easy, accurate method for the determination of capillary whole blood glucose content. These blood glucose test strips were designed to be used with the AutoSense and AutoSence Voice blood glucose meters.

These are autocoding systems ensuring that the meter and the strips work together properly without manual coding of the meter. The code is assigned individually to each vial of strips and the meter automatically reads the code on the back of the strip after a strip is inserted into it. When inserting a new strip, always check if the code on the vial of strips matches the code displayed on the meter.

Accuracy and Precision: The performance of AutoSense Test strips has been evaluated in laboratory and in clinical tests. For further details please download the AutoSense Test user manual.


    - Advanced auto-coding biosensor technology

    - Fast reaction, Small sample volume

    - Capillary blood sample absorption

    - Viewing window

    - Shelf life: 24 months

    - 10, 25 or 50 strips in a vial