SAS-2 - Gel Processing System

SAS-2 - Gel Processing System

SAS-2 is a compact desktop automatic gel processing system.

Staining, bleaching and drying are performed automatically by one of the 20 programs that are selected depending on the research performed. The device allows several modes of drying.

The gel is placed in the device in a special holder, almost eliminating the risk of damage to the gel. For greater convenience, the processing is always oriented to the front of the operator.

Drain tank and up to 5 tanks for reagents are outside the device.

The manufacturer recommends using SAS-2 with SAS-1 Plus.

The automatic system SAS-1 Plus + SAS-2 is unique in its own way. In the series of electrophoresis systems, it represents a kind of "middle class". The remaining manufacturers practically have only two classes of equipment: high-performance automatic systems and simple systems for "manual" techniques. Automatic SAS systems provide performance over a wide range of temperatures (+15 .. + 27 ° C) and ambient humidity (up to 90%). In our conditions, this is necessary because only a small part of the laboratories are equipped with air conditioning.

This system is used:

  • To separate serum proteins into 5 or 6 fractions.
  • To separate high resolution protein into 15 fractions.
  • For determination of protein in urine.
  • For screening for monoclonal gammapathies.
  • For immunofixation to determine the structure of the monoclonal component (serum and urine).
  • For the determination of serum alkaline phosphatase isoenzymes. Unique!
  • For the determination of lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) isoenzymes in serum and plasma.
  • For the determination of isoenzymes of creatine phosphokinase in serum and plasma.
  • Test system "Lipoproteins" - the selection for the separation of lipoproteins, serum or plasma by electrophoresis in agarose gel with an appropriate qualitative assessment of individual fractions. This test system allows the typing of dyslipoproteinemia according to the classification of Friedrickson.
  • The test system "Cholesterol profile with regard to the LP (a)" - allocated for the quantitative determination of lipoproteins in serum or plasma agarose gel electrophoresis.
  • To diagnose multiple sclerosis by detecting IgG oligoclonal bands in the CSF. Unique!
  • To determine transferrin (isoelectric focusing). Unique!
  • To determine the pathological forms of hemoglobin.