Semi-automatic biochemical analyzer StarDust MC15

Semi-automatic biochemical analyzer StarDust MC15

High-quality accurate photometer for research of substrates, enzymes, electrolytes and immunoturbidimetric tests, including serological parameters and specific proteins. The device has high speed and accuracy. Easy to use, low reagent consumption. It is also important in the work of each technician that the StarDust MC15 is fully programmable, pre-programmed for DiaSys tests, possibly reprogramming.

The StarDust MC15 analyzer is a semi-automatic instrument designed for small, medium and large laboratories due to its high speed and outstanding versatility. Ability to work with multi-cuvettes with a data processing rate of 15 samples of the end point in 1 minute and 15 kinetic samples in 4 minutes.

The StarDust MC15 analyzer can perform a series of analytical studies on specified parameters, arbitrary configuration (Ramdom) or profile (narrowly targeted). In Ramdom mode, different tests from one multi-cell can be performed, which is very convenient if you need to analyze samples for different enzymes simultaneously.

Profile or testing according to the pre-installed program is carried out if it is necessary to analyze 15 different parameters of the same sample (occurs with a 5-minute cycle). It is used to measure bases, enzymes, electrolytes and immunoturbidimetric tests, including serological parameters and specific proteins. Easy to use and easy to use device.

Fully programmable. Preinstalled testing program manufacturer DiaSys.

Reading spectral absorption abilities, concentrations, kenetics, time setting, multistandart.

Easy to use

Fully programmable:

- already programmed for DiaSys tests, - reprogramming is possible

Russified menu

The minimum reagent volume is 500 μl

Wavelength range - 320-680 nm

Read on adsorption (ABS), concentration (CONC), kinetics (KIN), two-point kinetics (FxT), ratio (COC), differentiation (DIF) and multi-standards (MSTD)

Allows you to measure samples and carry out processing in accordance with the parameters specified by users.

The device has a dry heat treatment area for incubating 4 blocks of 15 multi-cuvettes and a mixer to obtain the necessary homogenization of samples and reagents.

The measured area allows the analysis of 15 methods automatically.

Programming is carried out using the keyboard.

Results are given in measurement units selected during the programming phase and printed on heat-sensitive paper. Printing of this kind makes it possible to avoid all the maintenance-related problems that are typical of inkjet printers.

Thanks to its software, the analyzer conducts 15 samples using the end point method, in 60 seconds. Kinetic samples require 4 min. The device has 60 units of free memory for storing methods. If the method is saved, it is permanently stored in the device’s memory.

It is also possible to carry out multi-standard tests, which are carried out thanks to the corresponding calibration curve.