LabUReader Plus 2

LabUReader Plus 2

The new LabUReader Plus 2 is designed to read and evaluate the Labstrip U11 Plus urine test strips. It features excellent accuracy, simple operation via color touch screen, continuous loading and fast processing of test strips, intelligent data management, high flexibility, and connectivity as well as enhanced security and quality control functions. Continuing its predecessor’s mission, the LabUReader Plus 2 accelerates urinalysis and provides maximum efficiency by fulfilling the requirements of medium size laboratories.


    - Up to 500 tests / hour throughput

    - Easy operation via color touch screen

    - User-friendly, flexible software

    - Advanced, patented measurement technique

    - Auto-start feature with auto-detection of strips on holder

    - Streamlined documentation through LIS

    - Advanced Quality Control and system security functions

     - Minimal maintenance and convenient cleaning