DxH 500 Hematology Analyzer

DxH 500 Hematology Analyzer

Efficiency, accuracy and ease of use

Benefit from accurate and comprehensive analysis in your low-volume lab setting. The DxH 500 hematology analyzer can help you improve clinical decision-making and efficiency. Built on proven cellular analysis technology, the DxH 500 provides precise platelet counts and accurate first-pass results. This means you can reduce costly test reruns and time-consuming manual reviews. The system’s intuitive interface also makes it easier to learn and operate, freeing your staff to focus on patient care.

Spend time with your patients, not your analyzer 

  • Maximize uptime with built-in reliability, automatic start-up, efficient reagent usage and easy reagent replacement
  • Free up time to focus on higher value activities with the ability to change all three reagents in less than five minutes 
  • Use 50% less reagent, consume reagents half as fast, and take less time changing and restocking reagents with the analyzer’s efficient approach 

Leverage single-sample precision