Semi-automatic 2-channel coagulometerCoatron C-2 (Helena Bioscience Europe, UK)

Semi-automatic 2-channel coagulometerCoatron C-2 (Helena Bioscience Europe, UK)

A new two-channel coagulometer based on the optical principle of measuring the time of clotting formation is intended for conducting classical coagulometric tests.

Analysis methods: Clotting, chromogenic,immunoturbidimetric

Determined indicators:

  • - PT - prothrombin time;
  • - APTT - activated partial thromboplastin time;
  • - FIB-fibrinogen (Clauss and calculated fibrinogen);
  • - TT-thrombin time;
  • - VT - time of venous bleeding;
  • - Factors II, V, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII
  • - AT3 - antithrombin (chromogenic);
  • - Heparin;
  • - Protein C (chromogenic);
  • - Protein S;
  • - Plasminogen;
  • - a2antiplasmin;
  • - Resistance to activated protein C;
  • - Lupus anticoagulants (screening and confirming with automatic calculation of the ratio);
  • - Ecarin clotting time (thrombin);
  • - Ecarin clotting time (hirudin);
  • - D-dimer (quantitative).

 The device has 2 optical measuring channels; automatic start system (the countdown starts automatically immediately after the sample is introduced); incubation unit (37 ° С) of 12 cells for incubation of samples, 3 cells for reagent containers (1 with mixing function) and 2 measuring cells.

The device is equipped with a liquid crystal display, a port for connecting a computer and a thermal printer. Complete with the device can be ordered specialized software "TECAM" for storing and processing the results of analyzes.