Automatic hematology analyzer Swelab Alfa Cap Piercer (Boule Medical AB, Sweden)

Automatic hematology analyzer Swelab Alfa Cap Piercer (Boule Medical AB, Sweden)

An automatic cap puncture device keeps the system tight and helps protect the operator from exposure to bio-hazardous substances. If necessary, you can also connect an automatic barcode reader to scan the codes of the tubes.


Defined parameters (20 parameters + 3 histograms):

  • red blood cells (RBC)
  • hemoglobin (HGB)
  • hematocrit (HCT)
  • white blood cells (WBC)
  • mean red blood cell volume (MCV)
  • mean hemoglobin in red blood cell (MCH)
  • mean hemoglobin concentration in the erythrocyte (MCHC)
  • absolute and percentage of granulocytes (GRA abs,% GRA)
  • absolute number and percentage of cells (MID abs, MID%)
  • absolute and percentage of lymphocytes (LYM abs, LYM%)
  • platelets (PLT)
  • mean platelet volume (MPV)
  • thrombokrit (PCT)
  • platelet distribution width (PDW)
  • large platelet concentration level (LPCT)
  • red cell distribution histograms
  • leukocytes and platelets by volume



Features of the automatic hematology analyzer Swelab Alfa Cap Piercer:

  • built-in adapter for blood sampling from closed tubes;
  • built-in microcapillary adapter (ICA) for capillary blood sampling directly from end-to-end capillaries;
  • the most user-friendly large color touch display;
  • built-in quality control program.



Recommended Swelab Alfa Cap Piercer Package:

  • 1400020 Automatic SwelabCapPiercer hematology analyzer
  • 1504103 Isotonic solution, 20 l / unitary enterprise.
  • 1504104 Lysis solution, 5l / pack.
  • 1504111 Cleaning solution, 3 * 450 ml.
  • 1070030 Plastic microcapillaries
  • Control blood - 3ml * 4.5 ml
  • 2000 W uninterruptible power supply
  • Epson LX Printer – 300