Automatic hematology analyzer Swelab Alfa Auto Sampler (Boule Medical AB, Sweden)

Automatic hematology analyzer Swelab Alfa Auto Sampler (Boule Medical AB, Sweden)

Swelab Alfa Auto Sampler is a fully automatic analyzer that does not require the presence of an operator. Simply load 20 tubes into one of the two sample drums and the system will process them automatically. A built-in barcode reader can also be connected to the auto-doser to simultaneously scan the codes of all tubes.

Defined parameters (20 parameters + 3 histograms):

  • red blood cells (RBC)
  • hemoglobin (HGB)
  • hematocrit (HCT)
  • white blood cells (WBC)
  • mean red blood cell volume (MCV)
  • mean hemoglobin in red blood cell (MCH)
  • mean hemoglobin concentration in the erythrocyte (MCHC)
  • absolute and percentage of granulocytes (GRA abs,% GRA)
  • absolute number and percentage of cells (MID abs, MID%)
  • absolute and percentage of lymphocytes (LYM abs, LYM%)
  • platelets (PLT)
  • mean platelet volume (MPV)
  • thrombokrit (PCT)
  • platelet distribution width (PDW)
  • large platelet concentration level (LPCT)
  • red cell distribution histograms
  • leukocytes and platelets by volume


Features of the automatic hematology analyzer Swelab Alfa Auto Sampler

  • A system with automated sampling significantly saves laboratory worker time.
  • Built-in microcapillary (ICA) adapter.


Recommended Swelab Alfa Auto Sampler Package:

  • 1400072 Swelab Alfa Auto Sampler hematology analyzer
  • 1504103 Isotonic solution, 20 l / unitary enterprise.
  • 1504104 Lysis solution, 5l / pack.
  • 1504111 Cleaning solution, 3 * 450 ml.
  • 1070030 Plastic microcapillaries
  • Control blood - 3 bottles of 4.5 ml.
  • 2000 W uninterruptible power supply
  • Epson LX Printer - 300
  • Connecting cable for printer