Quintus automatic hematology analyzer (Boule Medical A.B., Sweden)

Quintus automatic hematology analyzer (Boule Medical A.B., Sweden)

Quintus automatic hematology analyzer - the 5th generation of hematology analyzers from the Swedish company Boule Medical A.B., the manufacturer of the well-known hematology analyzers in Kazakhstan, Swelab Alfa

The determined parameters (24 parameters + 2 histograms + 2 sketograms):

  • red blood cells (RBC);
  • hemoglobin (HGB);
  • hematocrit (HCT);
  • average red blood cell volume (MCV);
  • average hemoglobin in the erythrocyte (MCH);
  • mean hemoglobin concentration in the erythrocyte (MCHC);
  • red blood cell distribution width (absolute and relative value) (RDW%, RDWabs);
  • white blood cells (WBC);
  • neutrophil content (absolute and relative value) (NEUabs, NEU%);
  • monocyte content (absolute and relative value) (MONabs, MON%);
  • lymphocyte content (absolute and relative value) (LYMabs, LYM%);
  • basophil content (absolute and relative value) (BASabs, BAS%);
  • eosinophil content (absolute and relative value) (EOSabs, EOS%);
  • platelets (PLT);
  • average platelet volume (MPV);
  • thrombokrit (PCT);
  • width of platelet distribution (absolute and relative value); (PDW%, PDWabs)
  • histograms of the distribution of erythrocytes, leukocytes and platelets by volume;
  • sketogram of distribution 5 Diff (eosinophils, basophils, neutrophils, lymphocytes, monocytes)

Features of Quintus automatic hematology analyzer:

  • convenient user interface
  • large color touch screen
  • only 3 reagents used
  • built-in barcode scanner
  • built-in quality control
  • automatic feeder for 100 tubes with mixing function,
  • possibility of loading an emergency sample
  • use of test tubes of various types
  • convenient, compact and easy to use
  • designed for daily, uninterrupted work
  • unsurpassed economy in reagent consumption
  • ability to connect to LIS
  • does not require daily maintenance
  • approximate payback period - from 8 months