ESCHWEILER COMBI LINE automatic analyzer

ESCHWEILER COMBI LINE automatic analyzer

ESCHWEILER COMBI LINE automatic analyzer is the next generation of instruments for analysis of blood gases, hemoglobin, electrolytes and metabolites.

Compact, lightweight and economical.

From one sample from 1 to 11 parameters are measured, and then recalculation to 12 parameters takes place.

With the new advanced fluid calibration technology, reliability has been significantly improved. No external gas supply is required. For the operation of the analyzer you need only a power source.

Lower operating costs may be warranted. Our support concept are:

Separate reagent containers.

Selection of reusable sensors.


The LCD display with clear step-by-step instructions allows the ESCHWEILER Combi line to be used easily in daily routine work. For standard analysis, the work is reduced to the beginning of the test and sample entry.

After completion of the test operation, the calculated parameters are printed using the built-in thermal printer.


Gas combi line calibration solutions are supplied in foil bags - easy to use, individual replacement. Only after using solutions and vials need to be replaced.

Method of use

Sample handling is simple, safe and hygienic. Using capillaries, the sample is removed automatically. For syringes, the sample is injected into the system until a beep confirms filling.

In addition to standard analysis (with all sensors in operation), combi line offers specialized test programs, depending on the sensor configuration. These programs allow selective measurement of gases in the blood and electrolytes. For daily quality control tests, combi line includes a QC test program.

A new generation of biosensors for the determination of glucose and lactate in whole blood

Sensor microcircuits based on thick-film technology unite:

  • Reliable processing
  • Highly reliable storage
  • Small size
  • High reproducibility
  • Up to 1000 single sensor analyzes


For more than five decades, the name ESCHWEILER has been synonymous with high quality and reliability among blood gas and electrolyte sensors. ESCHWEILER sensors are distinguished for their accuracy and durability.