Automatic capillary electrophoresis system V8

Automatic capillary electrophoresis system V8

Benefits of capillary electrophoresis of the V8 system

  • Higher standards for clinical analysis and diagnosis of disease status
  • Unsurpassed analytical accuracy and intuitive software. V 8 can detect abnormal samples, automatically, without user intervention, carry out their further processing - immunotyping.
  • Fast and accurate analysis of both ordinary and complex samples.
  • High throughput - up to 150 determinations of whey proteins per hour.
  • Multi-analysis is the simultaneous execution of 3 different methods.
  • There is no manual processing of the gels or sample preparation - just load the primary tube into V 8, and he will do the rest himself.
  • Fully automated process - frees laboratory personnel and doctors from routine work to perform other, more global tasks.
  • Embedding an agarose gel into the system allows the laboratory to obtain the most complete and comprehensive system for conducting research in the field of clinical electrophoresis.
  • Total control and verification - 100% of your peace of mind in the results issued.

V8 Statistics

A full range of

  • All buffers and reagents on board
  • Seven buffer containers on board the analyzer.
  • Monitoring the level of reagents in the process. 10 positions for reagents and antisera; Anti-IgG, IgA, IgM, kappa, lambda, Free kappa, Free lambda, IgD and IgE.
  • Built-in Peltier element.

Gel integration

  • Automatic download for better analysis
  • Full tripod compatibility with SAS-1 (24 samples)

Smart system

  • Intelligent platform with maximum performance
  • Fully automated analyzer care procedure
  • Automatic addition and incubation of the reagent, as well as dilution and lysis of the cells.
  • The system is capable of performing up to 200 tests without operator intervention.
  • Automatic diagnostics and troubleshooting.

Intuitive status

  • The status of the system is reflected in color.
  • The correct operation of the V8 is reflected as a red pulsating light
  • When carrying out preliminary processing and carrying out post-processing - orange color
  • If a malfunction occurs, the V8 pulsates in blue
  • The operator always sees the state of the device, even at a distance.

Platinum 4V software

  • Clinical Analysis Expert
  • Unlimited storage of patient test results for 1 session
  • Ability to work with a database containing more than 2 million patient scans
  • Record fixation
  • Statistical analysis
  • Quantitative calculation
  • Marking patient status in the database
  • Two-way interface, import and export of patient data and results
  • Immunofixation - absorption of the image on the contour of the main electrophoregram.
  • Conduct a search on several parameters and overlay function.


V8 Conclusions

Evolution in clinical capillary electrophoresis

  • Integration of capillary and helium electrophoresis systems.
  • Simultaneous carrying out several methods.
  • Intelligent software allows you to automatically make a decision.
  • Full compatibility of helium and capillary electrophoresis databases.
  • Unsurpassed bandwidth and method automation.
  • Intellectual platform and modular design.
  • Significant reduction in analysis time.