Automatic AC-4 coagulometer

Automatic AC-4 coagulometer

Registration certificate RK-MT-5№007436 dated 20.04.2010

The automatic AC-4 coagulometer is a fully automated, productive, compact and very reliable analyzer with an open system for conducting studies of the plasma link of hemostasis.

The AC-4 analyzer implements the latest, state-of-the-art optical technologies that allow measurements based on clotting, chromogenic, and immunological detection methods.

System parameters

  • Four measuring channels, high-class optics - 400 nm
  • Accurate, reliable clot detection
  • Optimized cuvette for halved analyzes
  • Works on reagents of any manufacturers

Other options

  • Multilanguage support
  • Automatic calibration / dilution (fibrinogen, factors)
  • Cuvettes for 160 samples
  • Urgent sample
  • Controlled quality control
  • The ability to print the status of tools
  • Bidirectional interface to an external computer
  • Software update via computer
  • Image of reaction graphs (possibility to save on PC)
  • Quality control
  • Original quality control program
  • Levi-Jennings plotting
  • Conducting an inspection according to Westgard rule
  • The possibility of carrying out an original calculation of the INR, taking into account not only the sensitivity of this thromboplastin reagent, but also the possible systematic error, both of the analyzer itself, and the error occurring at the stage of the preanalitic phase in this laboratory.