Helena Bioscience Europe

Helena Bioscience Europe

the UK

Helena Biosciences Europe is a holding company established in 1964. Helena Biosciences Europe is an European project whose goal is to manufacture and sell the most innovative diagnostic and biomedical systems for the development of healthcare and medical science. Each product delivered is the result of a long and careful development, created to help scientists and clinicians in their difficult struggle with reducing mortality and morbidity, both with common and rare diseases. Helena Bioscience Europe represents a wide range of medical products, central to which electrophoresis takes place, as well as manufactures products in the following areas: hemostasis, hematology, immunology, chromatography, and molecular biology.

All Helena products allow you to expand the analytical reach of scientific research, and also have all the necessary requirements for modern products:

  • accuracy
  • automation
  • high rate of research
  • profitability

This company is a developer of medical equipment, developing completely new approaches for advanced clinical research, producing reagents that allow you to solve complex laboratory problems. For equipment, the company creates software with a simple intuitive interface, which allows you to significantly simplify the work of laboratory staff and data interpretation. Each product is part of an integrated and systematized approach to laboratory and clinical operations, regardless of whether it is a large analyzer or very small, it is designed in such a way that it is logical, reliable and optimal to solve diagnostic and scientific problems at the most competitive price.